The Meaning of Holly

By December 1, 2015 Winter Holidays

Have you ever wondered about Christmas holly?

CXM 09 - ribbon hollyFlourishing all across the Emerald Isle even in the coldest of temperatures, holly has been a special winter decoration for thousands of years.  Due to its prevalence, the poorest of families were able to decorate their homes for the holidays.

As Christianity took hold of Ireland, the prickly green leaves were special as a reminder of the crown of thorns Jesus wore on the day of the Crucifixion, and the bright red berries symbolized the blood of Christ that was spilled for the sins of all mankind.

Some say that the holly berries were white before that fateful day, when the eternal lives of men were sealed by the sacrifice of Christ.  They say that the blood of Jesus stained them eternally red, to remind us of the price of our freedom.

Regardless of the origin or any spiritual attachment we may have to the holly plant, it is remarkably beautiful.  The shiny, green leaves and plump, red berries attract our eyes, and the evergreen leaves stay fresh throughout the season.HK 60 - robin holly

SayangNari Cards is a company built around the love of Christ.  We take a special liking to the holly berry, and use it liberally throughout our holiday designs.  Look carefully and you’ll find it as a silhouette, a decorative sprig, or as the foundation for an entire design.

We hope that the holly plant carries the same meaning for you, too.  :)

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