What SayangNari Means

Our Name and Logo

“Sayang” is Malay for love. “Nari” was my father’s nickname. He taught me to live bold, remain grateful, and dream big. Hard work, integrity, dedication, simplicity. I saw these manifested through the toughest of times. He made you believe anything was possible if you believe it yourself. The logo was thoughtfully designed (by Erin Laurvick) to incorporate a prayerful reflection of Nari’s spirit and core values.

  • No spark, no life. Dream Big, chase dreams! As long Hope remains, there will be enough traction to see us through the lows of life. “No spark, no life”
  • Try until you die/succeed. Keep doing. As long as you keep moving, you have the power to convert from stagnation to traction. Pick yourself back up after each stage, whether good or bad, because the next phase is built on many earlier attempts. Success will show up in not only quantifiable accomplishments, but will build your character, integrity and compassion for others.
  • Doing the right thing always triumphs. There is so much goodness around amidst life’s chaos and we can see this clearly when we are grateful for even the little things around us. Doing what is right, (even when it is difficult) will allow us to see clearly that resources will always be provided to help us through. “Kindness/goodness always triumphs.”
  • Find your center. We all need “time out” from the noise of the world, and this goes beyond confiding with close family and friends. Centering in a safe place of rejuvenation through life’s big decisions and disappointments helps reminds us of what is within our control and what you need to let go. Because there are just so many big dreams to go on chasing!

The praying hands cupping the SN symbol is a loving memory of a man who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, no matter life’s circumstances. And I know he would want the same for me, and for you.

Locally owned in Wallingford, Seattle, our printed, embellished cards are made locally in a FSC certified printing house on eco-friendly stock with low VOC inks that meet “soy” standards. Our cards are a meaningful addition to any gift, and our exclusive artwork will showcase your personal message with style. We remain unique because we are not mass-marketed. Thank you to all the small businesses and private customers who gave us our start, and thank you for your continued consideration and support of our company.

SayangNari gives back to the community through discretionary donations, volunteered time, and products for use in silent auctions or fundraising.  We support Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, Mary’s Place, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.