Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SayangNari located?

We print our cards locally in Seattle, Washington.

Can you print a paper catalog?

Paper catalogs are printed for our wholesale customers and membership subscribers, but our entire line of products is available online.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We do! They start at orders of 50 of the same design. Assortments are allowed in some cases so please email us and let us know what you are looking for.

50-99 Cards: 5% off retail price
100-249 Cards: 10% off retail price
250-500 Cards: 20% off retail price
501+ Cards: 30% off retail price

Wholesale clients have a different pricing structure and minimum order, so please email us for pricing.

Why do you say you are eco-friendly?

SayangNari cares deeply about supporting local businesses and protecting the Earth as an investment for the future. We employ an in-house designer and neighborhood freelance associates to assemble and ship our cards. We use FSC®-certified paper, with soy inks and printed in local printing house in Seattle that is FSC certified.

What is your copyright policy?

All digital artwork and designs are Copyright 2018 SayangNari designs and may not be copied, reprinted or distributed to anyone without authorized permission. Please email us for additional information.

Can I sell your cards in my retail store?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

What does ``SayangNari`` mean?

“Sayang” is Malay for love. “Nari” was my father’s nickname.

Locally owned in Wallingford, Seattle, our printed, embellished cards are made locally in a FSC-certified printing house on eco-friendly stock with low VOC inks that meet “soy” standards. Our cards are a meaningful addition to any gift, and our exclusive artwork will showcase your message with style. We remain unique because we are not mass-marketed.