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We are proud to announce our “Cards with a Heart” subscription program!

The Cards with a Heart Initiative is aimed to actively engage and connect people in a sub community – an office, a neighborhood, a church group, a networking group. It’s also great for individuals who want to have ready access to cards at hand that they can personalize and mail out to dear ones.

This could be as simple as employees writing a note to a fellow colleague or clients or vendors to show appreciation. In line with our social mission, 10% of our proceeds from the subscription orders will be donate to your company designated partner beneficiary.

There are two ways of participating in this program

I) Employees can order any number of cards per month online via our website or we can set up a monthly mailing program of 3 cards for $10.00 per month, including envelopes and stamps. You can select the designs or we mail out an assortment of our most popular cards.

II) Companies can set aside “gratitude” sessions each month for team bonding where employees are encouraged to write thank you cards to clients, colleagues, vendors, suppliers or to your designated partner beneficiary.

For more information, or to sign up, please send us a message.