Our Story

Every once in a while, circumstances out of your control completely change your life. My son’s illness was a curveball that came my way. At Seattle Children’s Hospital, where many parents were clinging to hope, I leaned heavily on Nari’s optimism to provide strength at the time of crisis.

During this time, the wonderful volunteers would bring lattes around, but one particular group ran a weekly scrapbooking and card making class. This therapy-like group activity created a community of parents who expressed their gratitude in the most splendid scrapbook layouts as well as creative thank you notes.

After taking several years off to care for John, I felt ill prepared to return to the corporate career I was previously accustomed to. I also met other parents who had made the intentional decision to take a career break to raise their young family or elderly parents. My priorities had changed, and so did my definition of “success.”. What did not change was my newfound hobby of making greeting cards.

The idea of stopping your career dead in its tracks after having been successful for many years was vaguely terrifying. I remembered one of my father’s core values (see section under Logo name and meaning).

I took a leap of faith, left my corporate career and started SayangNari Cards.

More hospital trips than I can count, more healthcare workers than anyone should ever have to meet, I am the most grateful mom today. John is now a strapping lad, handsome and active and headed to college.

After a 7-year break, I eventually went back to full time work and SayangNari remains close to my heart. This business created an artistic outlet for my purpose and drive while giving me the freedom to care for my family, and I am grateful for the journey. In an era where money, prestige and status often are valued, these grounded, successful, happy teenagers/young adults I see every day are an upside that no corporate job could have ever provided.

Miracles do happen.

All of us are fighting battles no one knows anything about.

Let’s be kind, be human, be grateful for what we do have.

And my biggest joy is hearing how our customers use them to connect and care for others!