How to Love with Roses

By February 1, 2016 All The Holidays

Nothing sets a heart aflame like a giant bouquet of roses.  Even the most stoic woman will soften when handed these fragrant blooms!

BR 11d - rose watermark 'with love'While every flower sends its own special message, roses are particularly varied in their meaning.  Depending on the color, your rose will express a unique message.

Here’s a list of roses and their meanings, followed by the significance of the number of blooms. Combine colors and stems to send a love note, in petals!

Red.  Red roses are the most famous, expressing romantic love and enduring passion.  They are used to symbolize respect and the creative spirit of love.  If your roses have not been dethorned, they carry a special note:  “Our love is stronger than thorns.”

White.  White roses symbolize humility, purity, and innocence.  They represent young love and loyalty, and are often referred to as”the bridal rose.”

Yellow.  Yellow roses are the happiest, embodying friendship, joy, and caring.  They are meant to express warmth, gladness, and affection.  Yellow roses are safe to pass on to anyone, for any occasion.

Light Pink.  Pink roses, in general, stand for gentility, femininity, elegance, and refinement.  Light pink roses are particularly for grace and gentleness, admiration and happiness.  They are “the little girl’s” rose, ideal for young ladies.

Deep Pink.  Like all pink roses, deep pink roses stand for femininity and refinement.  Deep pink roses are also used to express gratitude and appreciation.

Orange.  To pass on a special message of “I’d like to be more than friends,” send an orange rose.  They represent enthusiasm and desire, express admiration and attraction, but hold an underlying message of passion and excitement.

Lilac and Purple.  One of the most rare roses, purple roses are meant to express “love at first sight.”  They represent enchantment and desire, but indicate an inclination to proceed cautiously.

One Rose says “Love at first sight.”  It can also be given to say “I still love you,” after years of connection.

Two roses represents mutual love and affection.

Three roses represent a couple and their shared love, a traditional one month anniversary gift.

Six roses symbolizes infatuation, whether a school crush or more mature passion.

A bouquet of nine roses sends the message, “we’ll be together forever.”

Ten roses are perfection, and say as much about the love you feel.

A perfect dozen shouts “BE MINE!”

Thirteen roses represent the best of friendships.  BFF!

Fifteen roses send a sentiment of apology.

Twenty roses tell the recipient, “my feelings for you are truly sincere.”

Twenty-one roses say “I am dedicated to you.”

Two dozen roses declare that “I AM YOURS.”

Twenty-five roses are the best congratulations.

Three dozen roses say “I am head over heels in love with you.”  What an amazing message!

To express a love that knows no bounds, send a bouquet that is equally limitless.  Fifty or more roses express infinite opulence and boundless love.

No matter the color or how many you give, the rose is an elegant gift.  Pass one on this Valentine’s Day.  Buy one of each color, and see if you can’t find a deserving recipient for each one!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from SayangNari Greeting Cards!