About SayangNari Cards

Every once in a while, a situation is presented and it changes your life. In my case, it was my son, John, and his illness.

Being one of the first to graduate in my family, I worked hard to position myself in my industry and establish a path to professional success.  The early years after John came were challenging, and I put my life on hold to take care of his needs. Several years away from work left me feeling ill prepared to return to the corporate career I was previously accustomed to.  My priorities were changed, and so was my definition of “success.”

A Different Focus

I had started scrapbooking and stamping greeting cards as a pastime while on mummy duty, watching over my son at home or in hospital family rooms.  My time was spent creating beautiful notes of affection and gratitude.

The craft was not only therapeutic, it also created a camaraderie between myself and other parents caring for their children.  They, like myself, made the intentional decision to take a career break and raise young families (or elderly parents).  These amazing, smart people dedicated their lives to be the best parent they could be, instead of the top producer of their company.  They were at peace, and had embraced their lives and ever-changing circumstances.

By God’s grace, John got better.  He is now a strapping lad, healthy and active.  I was able to move out of the home and return to work, but my priorities had changed.  I wanted a role where my sales and marketing skills were transferable, but I also cherished the time spent supporting my family and friends, volunteering, and giving back in gratitude.  I took a leap of faith, and SayangNari cards was born.

Family over Lifestyle

Our first clients were small, local gift and boutique shops that were willing to support a fanciful vision. Our orders were small, and every card was hand stamped, cut, hand glittered, and manually punched or embossed. I watched my kids grow, attended school functions, actively networked, and engaged the local community.

Our cards are unique and never mass marketed.  As a small business, we were (and still are!) able to provide an exceptional level of service.  In the first years of business, I was able to call on some great people for advice and counsel.  Erin Laurvick joined the company in 2006 and brought artistic, technical, and printing experience to our team, allowing us to partner with a local printing house.  This association allowed us to produce higher quality cards for retail, as well as broaden our inventory.  We expanded our range into the collegiate licensing, NFL, and MLS space, and have represented University of Washington, Washington State, University of Idaho, University of Oregon, Seattle Sounders, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and our beloved Seattle Seahawks.

During the more family focused years of my life, this tiny company kept me busy and solely preoccupied.  My eldest daughter Claire is now at college and John and Caroline are great teenagers. Although I have returned to the work force and contribute my efforts to more traditional employment, SayangNari continues to grow and is well established in my heart.

This business created an artistic outlet for my purpose and drive while giving me the freedom to care for my family, and I am grateful for the journey.  In an era where money, prestige and status often take on more importance than parenting well, the grounded, successful, happy teenagers I see every day are an upside that no corporate job could have ever provided.

Environmental Responsibility

SayangNari cares deeply about supporting our community and protecting the earth.  We print our product locally in an FSC certified printing house; our printers use eco-friendly stock with low VOC inks that qualify under “soy” standards.

SayangNari also believes in giving back to the community through discretionary donations, volunteered time, and our products for use in silent auctions or fundraising.  Some of our supported organizations include Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, Mary’s Place, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

It is with great pleasure that we present our handiwork to you. Thank you to all the small businesses and private customers that gave us our start, and thank you for your continued consideration and support of our small company.

We appreciate your business, thank you for being a part of what we do!